Multiplayer Ragdolls

I’m new to replication and multiplayer, but after looking through the code for the ShooterGame sample it appears as though the ragdolls are just called from the OnDeath function. It works fine when I test it in the ShooterGame sample.

When I do this is my own project however, with the same code and function call as ShooterGame, the ragdolls only work on the server side. The server will always see ragdolls, but the client never will. The function SetRagdollPhysics is not replicated in ShooterGame or my project.

I was under the impression the function does not need to be replicated, and would call on every client. Am I approaching this in the wrong way?

I was pondering the same question, it just that we missed something. In shootercharacter there is:

/** play hit or death on client */
	void OnRep_LastTakeHitInfo();

which will then call OnDeath on the clients. Hope this clears things up.