[ Multiplayer]Raft Style Building ends up glitching on Client side

Hi Everyone,

i started to learn Unreal Engine some weeks ago. Was playing Raft and tried to rebuild parts of this in Unreal to see how it works.

My approach works in Singleplayer but i started to set up everything now for Multiplayer and got a big issue:

In editor i placed the first raft part. its stable when i start the game (both server and client) as soon as i spawn another part on it, it begins to glitch, lagging around on the Client side.
Also when i step on in with the client Player both are glitching around.

I attached the Placing Blueprint and two videos so u can see what exactly my problem is. (I know the blueprint is a mess but i just start to teach myself) :slight_smile:


Client Video:Client View (Raft is glitching around and player also as long as he is on the raft) - YouTube
Server Side (Editor) Videohttps://youtube.com/watch?v=9x17vLDdETM

Thanks alot

No one had this kind of Problem? :frowning: