Multiplayer Question


I would to make a little multiplayer game so i begin with the FPS shooter template and remove all the VR blueprint form first person character to simplify at the maximum the code.
Then i replicates the projectil blueprint and make a custom event in the thirdperson blueprint to shoot the projectil only from the server who runs on server , all of this works fine.

when i shoot from server all works fine.
but when i test it with the client, the projectil always comes out horizontally even thougt i look up or down.

Must i have a custom event that runs on the server for mouse input ?

need help

I have tried with attach the projectil on a new socket and take it’s position and rotation
but the projectil goes only forward not up or down with the weapon on client.
On server this is working any idea ?

3am, on phone. Is the client moving the sockets on the Server? Code looks fine.

No what do you mean.
What isn’t clear is each client have FP Gun to or this is only referenced to server ?
When i lauch the game i have the server and client floatting gun and can move with keyboard and turn with the mouse.
On server an client you can look up and down and FP Gun goes up and down but it’s like socket client don’t move with clients gun

I have take a look at the live from epic "replication and think they have the same issue.

I have tried with no socket but with a collision sphere and shoot from there same issue

Sorry; just trying to figure out what it could be - I’ve done a lot of multiplayer stuff and never had an issue with this. I’ve done 1st, 3rd, and isometric perspectives. Never had an issue with this. Try raycasting - that should tell you at the very least if the socket’s rotating properly or whatever?

Edit: Use a Linetrace + Draw it. Maybe even every tick. Just to figure out if it’s the gun, the projectile, ect. Narrowing down where the problem is.

Thanks i will try that