Multiplayer Problem - MyPlayerController blueprint only works for player1

Help needed,

I have been coming across a few issues with the second player that spawns in my multiplayer game. It appears that this player isn’t executing the MyPlayerController blueprint… It may have something to do with the ‘get player controller’ process in said blueprint.

I’ve done checks and it seems to dropout at ‘Cast to MyGameMode’ in Setup Ui, Spawn Player as I incur the custom error message every time I try running multiplayer.

Setup UI, Spawn Player (MyPlayerController BluePrint)

If it’s useful, here are images 1 & 2 of the MyGameMode blueprint post-login processes

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Game modes and Player controllers are not replicated in multiplayer games. (game states and player states are). so your game mode cast will always fail on any player beyond the first.

Thanks for your comment

Thanks to PenguinTD and his wiki guide I actually managed to resolve this