Multiplayer - Player "Ready" status not working!

Hi, maybe I’m thinking too simple on this setup, but I’ve tried a ton of different ways to get the player “Ready!” or “Not Ready!” status to show up in the lobby window to no avail. I created a “Ready” button. when pressed, I have certain buttons in the lobby deactivate, which is perfect, but the ready status will not show in the player window. Is it more complicated than this?

Here’s the Lobby window. you can see that it’s getting my host computer name, just no status.

Here’s the “on clicked” button in the back of the lobby widget

Also in my lobby widget, you can see that I’m sending the “ready status” text node to the connected player window

And here, you can see the text node called “status of player” which I’ve made editable, replicated, and exposed, which is attached to my “ready status” node.

If anyone has a better tutorial on this whole setup, please post it. I’ve done quite a bit of searching but nothing seems to work.

You are dealing only with variables in your widget? This will not work. learn basics of UE networking :slight_smile: I can’t put it all in an answer its a lot of stuff. In short, the HUD/Widget is client Owned and not replicated to other players. To change a replicated variable it needs to be in a replicated actor and the value needs to be changed in a server RPC because he is owner / authority over it. So you need to put that vars in your pawn/playerController (for example) and add there the serverRPC which you connect to your hud. So after pressing the ready button it goes to your PC (eg) and calls the setReadyState(true) RPC call which on server sets playerIsReadyBool to true.

Thank you, this makes a lot of sense. I’ve been doing some research and I’m seeing what you’re talking about. Thanks again.