Multiplayer Pitch replication Not working as expected

This has been asked many times here, and while i have read almost all of them none of them provide an current working solution, while it may have worked then its is NOT working now…

Here is the problem, I’m working on a multiplayer project. I’ve hit a bit of a wall with replicating the players pitch (look up/down) over the network.

I’ve read many tutorials and documentation on the issue but no matter what i try it simply will NOT pitch up/down on the server as expected.

I have a debug print in the blueprint that shows me that the values are being seen by both the client and the server.

However, no movement occurs, the local client sees himself looking up but the replicated (remote clients) do NOT, Furthermore, when firing a weapon the local player sees the projectile come from a fixed point (the MuzzleFlash socket’s location at spawn) The socket never “officially” moves regardless of where the client is looking so the projectiles always originate from that stuck point because according to the server it isn’t moving…

I have included screenshots of all relevant blueprints and i hope someone can at least point me in the right direction of what I’m missing. All necessary variables are replicated.

I was able to partially solve this with this, now the animations replicate to all clients properly.

However, the muzzle flash socket is still staying at a fixed point,

Anyone have an idea?

This is how you replicate the pitch/yaw values. Use a function call after the “set” for any other functionality.

Curious as to why you’re not using an aim offset blend space for the aiming (hip/ads).