Multiplayer Physics/Physics Handle Syncing

I been looking for a way to replicate objects location and rotations that are affected by simulated physics. I am using a modified version of this code differences being I can toss the object.

I want all the objects in the game to be synced and the objects grabbed and tossed to be synced. I understand the server will have a lot of strain but there won’t be millions of objects being affected by simulated physics. I have looked everywhere and keep finding people who achieved the impossible and not sharing full/working blueprints or just explaining an idea. I am new to the “networking side” and even newer to the blueprint side. I don’t want to make a game without multiplayer, so I need to find a way to make this work.

To put it short, I’m looking for a way to have objects sync like in Garry’s mod. I move a box and you see it move and drop exactly where I see it. I can stand on it and so can you. Nothing won’t get out off sync and everything is great… until you spawn a lot of items and objects.

Edit for people on my same road. here are some links i have that I found that might help you if this post doesn’t get any help.

Hey ! You should check this pack out ! MPUS - Multiplayer Pickup System For Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

Its about to release soon on the market