Multiplayer Pawn/Character Replication issue (You Tube Video Included)

I am having an issue with replication. Whoever host the game cannot see the other player. However the joining player can see the hosting player no problem as seen in this video Unreal Engine Demo | Shot with GeForce GTX - YouTube
Does anybody have any idea what the cause of this may be. Replication is on all sections of the blueprints. Either set Server side or Multicast. I know replication is tough. I see a bunch of stuff on replication, but not anything really when it comes to the pawns/character blueprints. There is also a super quick snap of blueprints at the end

Well got the movement down. The connecting player still stutters real bad and there’s no animation but that’s a chore for tomorrow. This video helped out on that one. Didn’t need to apply it to impulse or rotate worked right off the pitch: - YouTube