Multiplayer, one server and many clients with different maps?


I just had an idea for a 2D sidescroller game and I want to know if it’s doable.

I want a multiplayer mode suitable for speedrunners who want to race the game completing the levels as fast as possible.

If one of the competitors finishes one level faster I don’t want him to stay waiting for the rest, I want to give him the chance to keep going.

So this is the question, can I have many guys on different levels with just one server? If the answer is no, is there a workaround (using level streaming perhaps)?


Hi masterneme. No, one server one map in one time. If you wanna many maps, you need many servers and each server with some map. And if you player finish one map you can use Client Travel send him to another server with second map. Server i mean UE Server program not PC (Hardware). One physical server can have many UE Servers (programms). Hope this helpful.

I forgot to mention that it will be a listen server, but I guess the result is still the same.

A workaround I’ve been thinking about could be making a giant map containing all the individual levels in order and at the end of each level teleport the player to the next one, what do you think about this? And would level streaming be useful in this case to maximize performance?

This is not problem i think one GameMode for all just condition.

Yep it’s worked scheme too. But if you have big map and use streaming you must have only one GameMode for all.

OK thank you very much for your help, now I have a much more clear idea of how can I develop the concept.