Multiplayer on Oculus Quest with In-game 3D Modelling

Hi! I’m creating a tool for Architectural design where the architect and the client can visit a virtual version of the site and the architect can do basic-3D modelling in front of the client. Does anyone know if anything similar is done before? I preferably the the architect would be in edit mode and the client as a VR spectator, but I image this can be tricky. The client and the architect will be visiting from different locations as well, which I image further complicates it.

Any help would be appreciated. Maybe UE4 is not the best option, if so please feel free to suggest other software.


blender 2.83 has vr support since its latest release, combined with the evee realtime renderer you could acchieve something like you intend to do. I doubt there is support for multiple users, but maybe that at least an option to look at. You can also try to implement a CAD core into unreal, i worked on such a project for my bachelors thesis and it worked surprisingly well. We used siemens NX for that, but it could probably also work with other cores.