Multiplayer MOBA Framework/Controllers Confusion

Hello Community,

I’m trying to build a moba game in multiplayer but I have confusion in my head about frameworks and character placements.
I will have 3 things.
Player camera (as pawn), Player Controller (as controller), player ai (character itself.)
Player camera has been controlled and owned by Player Controller.
Player AI has been controlled by AI Controller.
Player AI’s owner is Player Controller.

When I start my game in multiplayer, even I see my controllers for each player spawning in logs (GameMode), later on unreal itself removes them and I have only 1 controller left.

I wonder how to block this. So on each window I’m expecting to have diffrent controllers. Am I expecting something wrong? Or can someone picture this in my mind is my architecture wrong? I’m currently struggling a lot.

Thank you

Design should be as :

Player Camera and Player Controllers are main thing that you should let GameMode spawn.
After each controller joined game basically you can spawn your playable characters.
PlayableCharacter owner will be Player Controller.
PlayableCharacter controller will be AIController.