Multiplayer Melee weapon overlap checks owning player

SO what I have is a 4 player melee fighting game, each player is assigned a sword at the start of the game. I have tags on the players, but I am using 2 child actors of the main player BP (team 1 are both child_01 and team 2 are child_02). For each player I spawn a swordBP actor on player spawn, so this should make that player index the owner of that sword, right? When I do an “actor = to” node the branch always fails to compare. How do I have the sword that spawns on the character ignore the owning character so that overlaps of that sword aren’t triggered by yourself and friendlies? I have been trying any “==” nodes, pawn checks, actor has tag, but they all fail.

first image is in the swordWeaponBP
the second image is the function that the weapon overlap calls which is inside the playerBP