Multiplayer map - nongame

Hi there - I’m at the pre-production stage of design for a learning environment; we wish to create somewhere a user can visit to run a simulation, load a website, even be a part of a remote virtual classroom. But also be visually stunning. The area I am new to is multiplayer environments - I want to try to introduce the ability to have a version of this environment that users can interact with other users. Can anyone direct me to good tutorials or information on how to achieve the basics of this?



All levels are single or multi player to start.

so make your level that you want.

i suggest watching the networking in unreal tutorial from unreal engine youtube channel,

then make the level / all player classes/bp’s with networking in mind from the start.

if you are not handy with creating assets ect, there is a lot of options available on the market place for purchase.

and ie.

for in game characters you can use adobe FUSE with mixamo to get animated characters for basic animations / moving / siting / interactions ect. (free and royalty free, and can be used commercially) fuse will upload to mixamo via in app button and you can choose the
animations you want for the charactor (for humans there is locomotion packs for all the basic stuff)