Multiplayer Lobby Menu Question

Hey guys

I am a little confused and need some help with a lobby menu I have that uses advance sessions for steam.

My game current has a (bedroom map) where the player spawns in when he first loads the game he can access a computer which allows him to host/join a game if the player chooses to host he loads the (Bedroom Multiplayer map)
with a different gamemode and player controller.

The problem I am having is when a player decides to join a game he will connect to the other player on the bedroom multiplayer map but he doesn’t get the new gamemode and new playercontroller I do not have seamless travel enabled.

iv tried also to print some text to the player after he connects but it doesn’t show the print text is called after he joins a session (nothing shows on success) even though he joins the session, iv tried print text in both gamemodes on eventtick just to see if it shows and it doesn’t.

I am just confused XD my ultimate question is: do I need to have multiple gamemodes and player controllers and if I do how can I get them to switch when the player joins a server

any information will be amazing I can provide screenshots and more information if needed

Hey guys so I did some research and figured out the problem,

print stings where not showing because I was on a client not a server.
also the new player that connects does get the new gamemode and new playercontroller I just had to set it up in that maps project settings.

to answer my own ultimate question “do I need to have multiple gamemodes and player controllers” in my personal opinion for my project it was better for me to have multiple gamemodes and playercontrollers per map so for example the menu, lobby, game.