Multiplayer like Among Us / Phasmophobia

Hi there! I’m currently experimenting with multiplayer in UE4, what I want to accomplish is multiplayer with rooms where everyone can create a room, that room has a certain code and if someone enters that code, he/she joins the certain room. Can someone point me in the right direction? Anything is welcome, articles/tutorials about it, literally anything.

Thanks for your time!

you must have 2 servers. one for play (we name it Game Server) and one for Sync code ((we name it Sync Server and it can be just an online database)with the game server + clients.
when the game server creates a game send his IP and Code to Sync Server. and the client write a code to connect after that it connects to the sync server to check what is IP of game server to connect

Hi, thanks for your answer, do you have any sources on this? I’m not a professional when it comes to c++ (still learning) so I don’t really know how to begin.

you can make all of it in the blueprint! try this for the blueprint:Multiplayer In Blueprint
or try this for C++:Multiplayer In C++

I really appreciate you sharing the C++ site, all those courses for free, thanks mate!

I’m glad I was able to help you. Please confirm the answer if you get it to remove it from the unanswered questions, and give it a vote if you like.