Multiplayer Large Map Optimization question

Unreal engine can now use 45kmx45km map in multiplayer, ark is using 17x17km and squad 5x5km. Ark doesn’t seem to be too unoptimized considering the graphics and mapsize. To be fair I don’t think there are lot of games where hundreds of players playing in the same huge persistent map with good fps.

But I am wondering if it’s possible for further optimization in multiplayer.

So my question is- How can something like ‘level streaming’ can be used in multiplayer? because according to this level streaming doesn’t work in multiplayer properly. So how can a system like level streaming be implemented in multiplayer where **a player won’t load unnecessary assets/data **(assets far from the player).

I want to rephrase my question, what are the best ways to implement ‘level streaming like’ optimization in multiplayer? I don’t need bigger map than the allowed 40x40km.

You do not specify how much users you plan to have on your big map/maps. In case you expect 100+, then you have only one choice:
Create separate levels and implement a custom networking solution. With a good network solution (and a good concept) you then can also use level streaming.

UE’s own networking is … terrible (tries to serve all possibilities at the same time). I hope they drop it at one point.

ok I didn’t know about that fact. I am probably gonna need to make 100+ player servers, but not at beginning(early access).

how do a few servers of Ark survival have over 100 players? do those servers have networking problems?

“tries to serve all possibilities at the same time” can you explain please? so they make everything relevant to clients? replicate data to every far-distant client or something?

“create separate levels and implement a custom networking solution” can you explain a little more please. What will be my target?

Dont fool yourself, i do have quite some active ARK servers and they are lagging and rubberbanding like hell as soon as 30 or 40 players are actually playing on them. There is no way to bypass this since day 1. If you evaluate your project AND want to rely on UEs networking, then make sure that you replicate only the most important things. I did read taht someone actually tested a MP setup with 200 or 300 active users by using UEs networking. But i can not imagine that they replicated anything other than the player positions.

The Ark standard Map is not 17x17 km.

Ark uses Streaming Level and many single meshes for the landscape. Load the Ark dev Kit and you can see you self.

thanks a lot for the tip.

Ok I guess I have to check it out, how do they implement seemless player transition between streaming levels?