Multiplayer in Editor on multiple PCs

I want to connect a number of users using different PCs in different places to my game while running Play In Editor. I dont want to bake the game to an .exe or thomething like that.
Every user has to spawn in the game and has to be visible to the others and to be able to see the others and to be able to interact with environment.

Is this possible and how to? Are there examples / tutorials / YT-Videos etc. I use UE 4.18.
I prefer Bluleprints.

Every help is welcome

Thanks a lot

I want to know this too. It makes iterations take so long when I have to wait 5 mins or more every time I want to test one thing in networked multiplayer.

Tutorial: for Multiplayer via editor “Launch as Standalonegame” or rightclick on .uproject-file “launch game”

see below

i agree though there is one caveat here as well the files will still need to be on all the pcs so you may want to look into a source control solution like git or something