Multiplayer - How to know when a client has finished loading replicated actors?

I have a dedicated server setup. The server starts and spawns some replicated actors. These actors are defined by a fairly large array which is passed in when spawned.

When a player connects, it takes some time for these actors to be initialized. The player spawns into an empty map then several seconds later they see things appear.

I’m looking for a way to detect that these actors are still “loading”. I want to have the players screen blacked out while loading so that they don’t see the messy loading process. I don’t know if there is a built in standard way of handling this or if I need to implement a custom solution. And if it’s a custom solution, what might that look like?


I unfortunately just asked pretty much the same thing!Did you manage to find an answer @Chumble??

I would also be really interest in a way of doing this. Begin play runs on client actors when created from replication but how would I know when the last replicated actor has been spawned on the client so I know when to hide/remove the loading screen.

Yeah, would be good to know. Also. I struggle to know when an actor spawned on a server is finishing spawn replication.
I spawn a AI actor, put the result in a RPC and sent per multicast to all clients and want to do “something” with it. It seems clients get the RPC before the AI actor spawn is replicated, the parameter is null on client. How do I know when an actor after spawn on server is valid replicated to all clients to do “something” on all clients with it?