Multiplayer Game - One player in Headset and One Watching PC Screen

I’ve seen several local multiplayer games made by Unity which can achieve interaction between two players - one with headset on and another watching PC screen just like in non-VR games. They have different view point in the game.

Now that I wanna make a game with similar feature under UE, but I met with some problems:

  1. The window on PC screen always shows exactly what player can see in their headset if under single player mode. It may be pretty convenient if there’s some function to display image from another camera in game instead of from character’s view point.
  2. I may need two players derived from different class so they can behave in its own mode. If I wanna have two local players, I can only put two player starts in level and let the game spawn player automatically, which left both players from a same class.
  3. As I’m using Vive, I don’t know how to disable it in one of the clients, therefore both players may get affected when I rotate headset.

Is there any solution for this kind of game?

I’m also interested in this.
I have an idea for a Dungeons&Dragons kind of game, where the VR player is inside the dungeon, and the Dungeon Master is on the pc triggering traps and spawning enemies.

I also had some Ideas for stuff like that.

I would really like this feature. This would make the VR experience much more social as just instead looking at a screen what the other person is doing, but Actually being part of the experience in some way.

I’m looking to do this too, with a local multiplayer with controller players vs a VR player. +1 if there is a solution or I’ll post back if I find one.

found this searching for the same functionality. I suspect there should be a way to do a local multiplayer and have the engine cast player 1’s pawn to the headset and player 2’s pawn to the monitor, and just play normally, but it’s beyond my skill/knowledge to make a reality.

Anyone have any luck with this?

Yes is possible over lan, the editor hates you for it though, makes all cameras lock to hmd even if you tell them not to, and again in editor, if you have both characters in editor at the same time, hmd output is screwed as it try’s to accept input from 2nd camera as well. But if you develop your vr char, unplug hmd, develop non vr, in BP you can detect if hmd is present use that to decide which char to possess. Package game don’t forget -vr in the launchers command line for the vr to be enabled. Join lan game, I think I had to have the vr computer as server too.

Also this is version 4.13

Has anyone found a solution for this for NON-LAN, single computer setup? Launching 2 versions of the game seems like sick overkill. Really want to figure this out!

Just a quick thought. Place two pawns/characters in the level, one set up for VR and the other one with monitor output. For the VR one select auto posses to “Player 0” and for the second one “Player 1”. Run in the editor with 2 player setting enabled, since basic local networking is build in it should be working, at least in theory.

Personally I was able to set up basic spectator actor (static, camera pointed in a specified direction, no input), which was able to see all of the things someone with HMD was doing (moving things around etc). It worked both in editor and packaged build (although required connecting through command line). So I guess following that setup you could create something like two players functionality, one for VR pawn, other one to play with keyboard/mouse on the monitor.

The issue you would have at that point is that both players would inherit the HMD position/rotation. We’re looking for a way to block that. Incidentally, this is the same reason that mixed reality video is currently not possible in UE4.

Well, when I did a test project for that, VR Pawn inherited HMD position/rotation, whereas Camera Actor (actual BP actor) was not inheriting anything. You can check out the project here (~315 MB)