Multiplayer game, how to sync VR's gestures(esp. hands and head) to the 3rdPerson Charactor's gestures from other player's view?

multiplayer game, how to sync VR’s gestures(esp. hands and head) to the 3rdPerson Charactor’s gestures from other player’s view?
just think about it a little while, it should be complicated to sync all the getsture of A from B’s view. eg. From A’s own VR view, A can grab anywhere and finger is adjusted on the object’s surface, this is all VR and it’s all from VR Exp. However, from B’s view, B can see all A’s body, and now A is thirdPerson, Take a simple example, A’s own VR view A can move each finger, can grab, etc. BUT all of these VR gestures should be sync to the gestures of the related 3rdPerson Charactor from B’s view, right?