Multiplayer game correctly works only on first launch?

Hey folks, I’m making a multiplayer game. I have a character select menu. On begin play, the character select menu is created. I’m facing a problem. The system doesn’t seem to work the second time. Let me explain. After I package my game, the first time i launched and tested it with my friends, it works like a charm. Second time, the character select menu doesn’t appear, the characters location is not updated on server. Isn’t it supposed to work by default. What makes this more confusing is that in my previous game versions, it used to work absolutely fine. In PIE, i face 0 problems and it works as intended, only in packaged game does it seem to cause issues. Is it that some config files are being edited??? Any clue whats happening??

Screenshots attached…(packaged game and PIE)

Further details:
UE4 4.22
Plugin: Steam advanced sessions (yes, steam game)