Multiplayer FPS Sample with Server browser, Chat, Main Menu and Basic Character Movements

I created this while simultaneously learning UE4 so it’s not the best but it works. The project uses a mixture of C++/blueprints.

Here are some current features :

-Server browser
-Main Menu
-Pause Menu
-Basic character movements that work over networking like - jumping, crouching, sprinting, aiming down sights (Set bAlwaysADS to false in the character to replicate ADS for your remote client. Check the second video to see replicated aim down sights movement) and also aim offsets
-dust2 map from CS recreated in UE4 by my friend
-Team based spawns
-Multiplayer chat with team colors (Green for friendly, red for enemies and white for unknown)
-Very simple team selection algorithm when someone joins
-Steam integration
-Buggy scoreboard
-Being able to switch between first person and third person perspective

All assets are either from Starter Content or Epic Game’s samples. There is no shooting or death/respawn yet but I intend to keep working on this project and add it near future.

**(This 2nd video is of older version which did not have a server browser or chat feature)

Hereis the repository of the project.

It’s free but I’d appreciate donations and they will motivate me to add new features

Spectacular Release, This will help members of the community.

Thank you.

Amazing. Thanks