Multiplayer for rolling actors

Hi Guys,

I’ve been trying to create a multiplayer game with balls,where you have spawn points and the connected players can move the ball through levels.

i can connect and host session successfully with Steam,but the problem,only the host can move correctly the ball while the others can’t move,like they are “lagging”.

I’ve set replication everywhere and it doesn’t seem to work.Although using just another character like the thirdperson one or the car works perfectly.

What am i doing wrong?

Thanks for your time.

hi, maybe you can post some code/bp to take a look what you did.
generally in a multiplayer game you usually want to replicate from server to client, but for a pawn which receives input from a player controller you want to replicate from owning client to the server. another point is to only replicate te stuff you really need as more stuff getting replicated as more network lag will appear, so make sure you filter the cases when and where you need to replicate stuff. only check the reliant flag for stuff which is absolutly important and use the special replication functions to filter in which cases you need to replicate.

the official network tutorials from epic with zak parrish are really good. i needed to watch them several times to understand the background and needed to do some simple examples for each problem/question i had, to learn how to handle it.

hope that helps a bit

Gonna check that tutorial a bit and see if i can get something to work.

Thank you mate!

i’ve read it a bit and i think i don’t need to do anything more than checking the boxes for actor replication.The problem is,even on a new project,if i just create a thirdperson character controller everything works,if i put a Rollingball character just the host can move.

I think i’m missing something whenever the ball rolls.

Are you using RPCs to send the movement input from the Client to the Server.
AFAIK, replication only goes from Server to Client unless you use RPCs to get Client to send things to server.