Multiplayer duplication in onclick action

Hi there
I created a simple show and hid an object by clicking on a box for online multiplayer. The object is supposed to be shown and hidden for all the clients.
and I’m having a hard time getting the duplication to work in multiplayer using onclick function.
The strange part is it works when I use begin overlap function but don’t with onclick.

The object settings are always relevant checked as well as the duplicate option.

I appreciate any help I can get.


the boxonclick event if you click on it you will see options in details panel to replicate and choose the one you want theres 3 options

Where I put Interaction you put Boxonclick. What this does is it makes it run on the Server (ie. Host, or Dedicated), and everyone sees it because of the Multicast. Server = Host controls the event, and you are telling the server that the event has taken place, then it tells everyone that it has happened. The client can not tell everyone that anything happens, but the server/host can tell everyone because that is where they are connected.

Thanks, I appreciate your help

So I replicated the nodes in my app and changed the onclick into multicast, but still, nothing has changed, when I click on the box from one client window it doesn’t show the object on the other client window.

I don’t know whether it’s a settings issue or that mouse clicks can’t be replicated.