Multiplayer dont work!

Hello everyone!

I have multiplayer on my game. One day the multiplayer “Join Game” function just stopped working. People can host a session, play on it but people cant join it. They find the servers in the server list but when they click join game nothing happens.

I made some prints strings after the “join session” node to see whats happens. And success is shooting. So the player is joining the session but dont load the map. I have “listen” in options on the create session, open level node.

This has been working for month and one patch it just dont work anymore.

Note that if i host in a standalone game mode in the editor people can join just fine. But when i package the game in shipping and upload it to steam people can still host but not join. Everyone get this “join successfull” print after but dont load the map.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance