Multiplayer doesn’t work in standalone but works in editor

So I’ve Ben testing multiplayer and it works fine but when I test it in a standalone nothing works the client can’t move and every actor spawned in is the same actor even though the level is spawning different actors and flying pawn movement doesn’t even work I don’t get it because it works fine in the editor any one know why please help

Here’s what’s happening UE4 space game project (abandoned) - YouTube

Standalone make is meant to test the game befor building it, and it do not use the settings in the editor and cannot send any data to the editor. You need to build you game for testing this.

you don’t need to build it everytime. launch your project server with “UE4Editor.exe fq/path/to/your.uproject yourMapName_P?listen -game -log” and the client “UE4Editor.exe fq/path/to/your.uproject -log” and have a look at the logs

which subsystem do you use and how is your connection / hosting code setup?

Ok I’ve been looking into this I did do a test packaged standalone and some actors don’t send replicated events like it’s not talking to the server

By build do you mean package of building everything

Hi. You’re saying that you’re able to test your multiplayer game, on two separate computers, without having to package/build it first?

We’ve been unable to get this working. Is it really possible?