Multiplayer connection in packaged game

I am usually not the type of person to ask questions easily. Usually i scan through all available materials and try to find solution to my problem through that way, and in the progress learn all kinds of other things that end up in my way.

However i have been completely unable to figure this out.

How do you establish multiplayer connection with packaged game? I would like to test my multiplayer outside my local machine.

Also my IDE gives me options to only build for: DebugGame, DebugEditor, Shipping, DevelopmentGame, DevelopmentEditor. (Is there supposed to be build option for GameClient?)

My first, initial idea was to simply run the game, open console and do: “open ip”, however it seems that console doesn’t even show up in published games (is there startup parameter that i have missed?).

Question to related last paragraph: Can you enable console in packaged games, at all?

I have completely run into wall and am desperate to get this working.
(I have enabled Online Subsistem in Game.Build.cpp.

Thank you for any kind of advice or pointers.

I’ve went through Shooter Game example, i couldn’t quite crasp the concept.
GetWorld()->ServerTravel( “” ); Also didn’t seem to work, not even in editor version.

If you use the packaging type “Development” then u can use the command line to connect to another machine:

MyGame.exe -game

To start the game in server Mode:

MyGame.exe MyMap?listen -game

As far as I remember “Shipping” does not expose the command-line interface by default. So double-check: ‘File → Package → Build Configuration’ in the edtior before packaging your project.

Have A Nice Day!


Thank you very much for quick answer, i’ll test this out as soon as i get free.
Edit: Confirmed this to work.