Multiplayer Clients don't use Default Pawn from Game Mode

I set this game mode as an override as well as default on the project.
Still my pawns spawn as DEFAULTPAWN instead of my custom character.
This is running a dedicated server with 2 clients on 4.12.5



Hey Divo,

I don’t see the same issue. Here is what I have setup:

My suggestion is to not use the Level Blueprint (I am assuming that is what you are using with the Event Graph being in “testMap”) and instead rely on the classes responsible for the game replication, all of which from the client side come from the Player Controller (which includes Character by extension because Character is created from Player Controller when the game starts).

Also, if you user “GetPlayerCharacter” with the index of 0, all clients will only ever refer to the same Player Character. This is the same for GetPlayerPawn.

You’re probably gonna think I’m crazy, but even just looking in the world ouliner at runtime, I had multiple DEFAULTPAWN objects. As soon as I got all of class and printed the type of character (from the game mode itself), they decided they wanted to be my core_character.

No idea why, but this is a resolution! Thanks for your help.