Multiplayer Character Selection?

Sorry for my bad english:D
I’m trying to make character selection system.
The system works on the host but the client does not work…

My system in my player controller :

My Widget :

My Widget’s Graph :

Why client didn’t work?

Hi, first you should spawn all replicating actors on the server only never on the client (the server automatically replicates them over to the clients but when you spawn them on the client they will only exist on that client and that will lead to issues and unexpected behaviour)

Second a multicast will only execute on all clients when the server calls it. When you call it from a client, only that client will execute it.

So if you would make the “Select Character” a “Run On Server” event, that should solve the issue.

first of all thank you for your reply… I’m new at this job, I did as you said. It’s worked.
but this time the widget is not set class for the client(3. Image)… What should i do here? Thank you…

This tutorial series goes through a multiplayer game with character selection in blueprints. You should check it out if you haven’t.

Okay done it I had to give it as a parameter… :smiley: