Multiplayer; Character portrait frame

#Hi everyone

This is my first time asking a question here so I apologize in beforehand in case I misplace this question or structure my question incorrectly.

I’m currently working on a multiplayer RPG and need some guidance.
Below is my current progress shown:

To my question:
I’m struggling to make a widget that shows my current targets portrait i.e. typical interface in any RPG or MMORPG. I’ve attempted plenty of different solutions but can’t wrap my head around a suitable approach. Most recently I placed a custom pawn “ImagePawn” with no movement only a skeletal mesh and a scene capture 2d component.

The capture component was rendering to a target connected to a material that was later shown in the viewport. The ImagePawn changed his skeletal mesh to the mesh of the calling pawn and captured an image. This approach worked in the sense of adding a player image to the viewport but I can’t seem to grasp how to get a workable solution for a multiplayer game.

The maximum number of players in my game will be 10. Do I create 10 render targets and 10 materials and assign them to each player when the game starts?

My idea when I started working on this target image system:

  • All players capture an image of themselves when the game starts and store it as a replicated variable.
  • Whenever something changes such as a player equip a new helm the capture function fires and updates the variable.
  • So when player B targets player A it simply just shows the up-to-date stored image/material/… of player A.


How do I go about making a player/target portrait image in a multiplayer game that needs to be up-to-date with any changes to the character during gameplay i.e. a target frame in games like World of Warcraft.

I’m grateful for any hints or references where I can read-up to get a better understanding of similar issues

Have a great weekend!