Multiplayer changing to default map

I’ve been building a multiplayer test-game similar to the shootout example and I have been using the steam subsystem.

The menues start up fine but when I hit my host game button I see the level I want to open for a second and then the game automatically switches to the default map of the project ( In project settings, maps and modes).

Does anyone have any idea what can be causing this? I have been comparing to the shootout example but I cant figure it out, any tips would be appreciated.

hi there, there can be several reasons, but to get your answer quick, go to your defaultengine.ini and add this to activate verbose logging. then you get more details about what the problem could be


good luck

Thanks for the tip, tried that but I´m not sure where I see the log? The output log is not giving anything.

check the directory //project root/saved/logs