Multiplayer capabilities + documentation

I know this question might be a bit too early,

But, what is the maximum number of players UE4 can handle?

I cant actually find any documents for multiplayer/networking.
If some one has found a link, could you please supply it.

My project I am hoping to start aims to support 100+ players. Is that even possible on UE4?

I know Rust and arma 3 have some servers which handle a lot of players but I would presume this is down to the server deciding if players are visible or should interact. All that bandwith and packet stuff. Sorry I’m still learning the basics so I’m probably wrong.

Any help would be appreciated,

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Theoretically, seeing as we have access to source now, as many as you’d like! Of course, that’s ignoring all of the optimization you’ll need to be doing for big multiplayer games.

If I recall from a beta discussion, there’s no hard limit like in UDK. I could be wrong (that was a LONG time ago), but I’m pretty certain I’m remembering right.

Would like to know more on this as things progress and people in this community push the bounderies. Be sure to keep us updated on your progress .

Someone in the FAQs asqued about that, someone replyed that there is no limit, it only depends of the pc that will hold the game, I mean, the server

It really depends on how much messages your players are sending back and forth. If it’s a low-message game then you can probably handle thousands; if it’s a high message game you may be able to support only 100 players. This is purely speculation, though.

What I’d be more interested in knowing is if it supports only a single server or if it natively allows you to create a server cluster

If you look in the source code under the following directory: UnrealEngine/Engine/Config/BaseGame.ini there is a value for MaxPlayers=16. I’m not entirely sure where this is being called from when starting a game but I believe that’s a start in the right direction. Someone will have to come up with a basic game that allows an infinite amount of players to connect and automate the testing of said basic game to stress test both the hardward, network, and the code optimizations made to be able to properly gauge how many players you can have in any given location/server.

Dive a bit into the source code, you’ll find all there is to know about how the networking portion of the engine is setup and ask questions about it. I’m still diving through it currently at work but I can’t really test it since it’s my work computer :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that right now the server/client configuration is setup for basic Team Deathmatch sort of gameplay and would need tweaking to the code to allow for more players (ex: mmo).

I’m also interested into having a look at some real life experiences that went over 64 players for their online games. Is “Life is Feudal” created in UE4?