Multiplayer bullet Replication problem

Hi everyone,

I try to resolve a problem since many hours now and i don’t find how to resolve my problem.
When i spawn my bullet for each player, server or client when i stay pressing my left mouse the rotation and my location where spawn my bullets for my actual player doesn’t move when i move my player and look around.

Here what i did, in the follow screen:

I hope someone will can help me with this.

Thanks in advance guys.

you use a sockets rotation. If not the control rotation? I dunno much about replication.

Are you using controller rotation?

Also, use Get Forward Vector instead of RotateVector. Keep in mind that unit vectors in UE4 are 1 cm, so you are only moving the spawn location forward 1 cm.

Yes i use the type “rotation” for passing the value of my camera rotation of course.
I take the rotation with the function “GetWorldRotation”

I post a screen, i’ve changed by “Get Forward Vector”

Problem is, with GetForwardVector, i don’t have bullet who spawn…

Any idea ?

It seems rotator value doesn’t pass through my event to my function shooting