Multiplayer Blueprint - Technique and optimization


I’m trying to make a physical multiplayer game. I’m not a developer. So a really good piece of advice, I would be happy. I can not make physical engine like rocket league. I will use Unreal engine physical code.

A good guide or check list would be cool to optimize it

what I have found out so far .:

  1. Player - shadow off
  2. Player - use 1-3 collision Box or another shape. do not use mesh collision.
  3. Player - Polygon count less than 10,000 - with everything (add ons)
  4. Player - 2-4 LOD
  5. Map count (RHI) 1 - 1.5 million in view
  6. Environment - use simple collision and LOD 2-4 of them
  7. Console code - stat net, how to read it. what is good and bad. in Rate (bytes), Out Rate (bytes), Out bunches, (Out Packets 119 is that good?) etc. Ping is around 12-18 via Steam online - 300/60 M/bits.

Is there another way too check network / multiplayer than stat net. - insight network is not possible as I use UE4.18 - Net Profiler? but who to read that.

Is any of this is wrong. pls let me know and add more if you have other good things I can do to make it better. a check list would be super. A physical game is not easy to create.
Fake client physically? but how. Platform=PC

Nobody there knows that.

Cull Distance Volume is it good for multiplayer?

Blueprint Visual Scripting may not be the right place to be, but I could not find any Multiplayer only forum

Hi, I use the net profiler for profiling network bandwidth. As for what is good and bad there, AFAIK by default UE caps at 5 kilobytes per second, so if you use more bandwidth than that, this would be bad. Ofc if you increase/change that limit in the config files, then over whatever limit you set would be bad (and ofc the lower the bandwidth you use the better).

Don’t see what any of this has to do with multiplayer, those things depend on the target platform where you want your game to run.

As for physics and multiplayer, I’ve never really used it but from what I’ve heard physics simulation can be a pain in multiplayer.

AFAIK won’t affect your bandwidth usage any, but will lower the load on your GPU and CPU and I use them all the time.

Thx Chrudimer

How to change the bandwidth - increase/change that limit in the config files.

I think this is important in physics simulation multiplayer:
collision - Less is better - Not so many points to hit.
Player - Polygon - physics simulation multiplayer to server - less use of packet.
player LOD Maybe it is not important. I have tried alot and it seems to be taking no effect.
Environment LOD - Maybe it is not important. I have tried alot and it seems to be taking no effect.

Cull Distance Volume - is good for CPU/GPU only… :slight_smile:

If anyone has more stuff - may you say so :slight_smile:

Inside the DefaultEngine.ini file inside the config folder of your project add

Replace … with the values you want.

And take a look here

For general optimizations take a look at this here Profiling and Optimization in UE4 | Unreal Indie Dev Days 2019 | Unreal Engine - YouTube