Multiplayer basic question


sorry to ask something this “easy” but i can’t get the replication system into my mind.
I used the RPC System from Unity before and i thought this was similar, but i already fail at destroying an actor.

First i thought, if i don’t set anything for replicate, neither in function nor on the specific Blueprint i want to destroy, it would only destroy on the player who tries to. But i directly learned that even then the Client can’t do anything.
So that differs from Unity.

Then i thought “Ok, only the Server can destroy it, so i need the client to ask the server to destroy it and than tell everyone that the actor was destroyed”.

Easy said, but i can’t get this to work. Could you be so nice a show me a Blueprint of it so i can get an idea of how to do it?

I watched the tutorial series on Youtube, but i can’t get this worked in my head. Also he never pointed out how the client could activate something. He only showed how the server presses buttons etc.

My first try was to get the Actor with a Linetrace (works) and than look who has the authority. If it’s the user, than use a custom event with “Run on server” and from this i called the destroy function with the actor plugged.

But i think this is not the way to do it, since the server doesn’t know the actor right? In Unity i can give the server the variables he needs. Do i have to save the actor into a replicated actor variable and than use the variable to destroy it?

Is it really that complicated to destroy an actor in the world? ):

I hope that’s not to basic, but i really need an example on that.

Thanks for the answers!

This is a very basic way to eliminate the player so that you can also respawn him.

This link is similar to your question there is also a tutorial mentioned that is on the wiki

My god, i’m so plain stupid. I didn’t know that i could create a custom input for the custom event. Now that i plugged in the found actor, the client can destroy it. -_- Sorry for posting the question at all.

Thank you, i managed to fix this by myself, but some questions came up.

I use the first person project. Why can’t i see the mesh of the other client? They block each other, but the mesh isn’t shown.

I don’t have to use something else than the “Run on Server” custom event or? It will trigger it from client to server and from server to server or is that the wrong way?
I tested it and the server can destroy it too, so i guess that’s ok.

I think you will need to have additional an mesh in the components which you would use as visible to the other players and set it not visible to owner.
I would suggest checking the answerhub first, wiki then the forums i am sure this has been answered before.
Although I do recall a tutorial on setting up the third person mesh in the blueprint forums I don’t recall the thread name.