Multiplatform Networking with the GearVR on LAN

I’ve been trying to get cross-platform networking to work with GearVR and my PC over LAN.
My test has been to use the Multiplayer Shootout project and package this for Android, GearVR and PC.

I have been able to confirm PC Host and Android Client Works.
However, PC Host and GearVR Client does not. The GearVR client just hangs after clicking on the session dialog.

The output log just ends partway though the LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for Android with the last networking message:

[2015.08.30-21.17.38:517][ 0]LogNet: Welcomed by server (Level: /Game/Maps/Level_01, Game: /Game/Blueprints/MyGameMode.MyGameMode_C)
No indication of what the problem is.

Is this a known issue with the GearVR?

Did you manage to solve your issue? Not sure it is the same issue, but I had to force to true the check of the versions in UnrealNetwork.cpp to have this working…