Multicast from within HUD

Is it not possible to do a NetMulticast from within HUD? It doesn’t seem to be getting called on anything except the local caller.

I am doing a message system within my HUD

// Add a game message to the array
UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "GameMessage")
void AddGameMessage(FString Message, FLinearColor TextColor, FLinearColor BackgroundColor, bool bShouldBroadcast);

// Broadcast the game message to everyone
UFUNCTION(Reliable, NetMulticast)
void BroadcastGameMessage(FFPSGameMessage GameMessage);

void AFPSHUD::AddGameMessage(FString Message, FLinearColor TextColor, FLinearColor BackgroundColor, bool bShouldBroadcast)
	// Create the new game message
	FFPSGameMessage NewMessage;
	// Set the message text
	NewMessage.Message = Message;
	// Set the text color
	NewMessage.TextColor = TextColor;
	// Set the background color
	NewMessage.BackgroundColor = BackgroundColor;

	// If this message should be broadcasted
	if (bShouldBroadcast)
		// Add the new message to the array locally

void AFPSHUD::BroadcastGameMessage_Implementation(FFPSGameMessage GameMessage)

I really wanted to keep the messages on the HUD object like I am currently doing. It feels clean to me.

Does anyone know a clean way to do this?

Do I need to split this out to PlayerState? If so is there some unintrusive way?