Multi-user doesn't work

Hello. We are trying to use multi-user on our project but clients can’t see he server. We used hamachi, radmin, softether, it didn’t work.

Explore Collaboration with Unreal Engine’s Multi-User Editor | Webinar - YouTube watch the video, especially the part with UDP Messaging (maybe you have to enter your IP adress and the Static Endpoints for other users)


We had to fandangle a fair bit to get this to run. In the end.

  • Our local LAN has 192.168.0.x with VPN hosts on 192.168.1.x
  • Host was on the LAN the VPN server was on
  • On host set Unicast Endpoint to it’s IP with port 50000 - eg
  • On the clients set Unicast Endpoint to their VPN Private IP (ie, one from OpenVPN) to IP on port 0… eg
  • On the clients set the Static Endpoint to be the hosts IP on port 50001, eg “”

But this is all broken on 4.26.1 as per the other thread where we first met.