Multi Sphere Trace Ignore All Instances of AI Bot

I followed the tutorial for Behavior Trees and AI, but I’m having a problem extending it to multiple instances of AI Bots. If I have a single instance (like the tutorial), it works just fine. When I drop another instance into the level, the bots start after the player pawn but quickly switch to finding each other and just stand there face-to-face.

Here’s the link to the service that does the check in the tut:

I suspect there is something I need to do for the Actors to Ignore pin of the Multi Sphere Trace. As per the tutorial, I currently have a reference to the Follower_AI_CON object, which is being set to the instance of the AI bot. This is connected to a Get Controlled Pawn, which is connected to a Make Array. It appears that would just ignore the specific instance of the AI bot. How can I change that to get an array of all instances? I tried using the Get All Actors of Class, but it crashes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The reason it crashes is because you are getting all actors of class every tick. As the Get All Actors node says, its a slow/expensive process that should not be used every tick.

What you should do is get all your AI bots once when the service activates, which you can do by using an Event Receive Activation node in your service. That is called when the service first activates, instead of every tick. Just save the result into an array of actors, and plug that array in the Actors to Ignore.