Multi Objects Renaming Tool


Did you make all from the instruction: MORT_TechnicalDetails.pdf - Google Drive ?
Also, try to check if plugin enabled (Edit → Plugins)


Hi to all.

MORT updated to version 2.2.
The **new version includes Regex **feature. Enjoy =)
Another thing is that UE v4.22 has some bug in Editor Utility Blueprints, I have already sent bug report to UE team, so hope they will fix it soon: [BUG in UE 4.22] Editor Utility Blueprints - UE4 AnswerHub
So, you need to edit MORT.blueprint click on “save” and then on “compile” and all buttons of this plugin will appears.


Hi folks! MORT needs your help!
If you want to have recent stable version of MORT without bugs, please, vote for fixing the issue in UE4.22 Blutility blueprints here:

Will appreciate for the help. Thanks! :rolleyes:

Hi there,
Now MORT fixed for UE 4.22.
The recent** versions (UE 4.21, 4.22) include Regex **feature.
Enjoy! :cool:

Hi folks,
Epic Games have changed something in blueprint utility in 4.23, so I need to do some changed to plugin. Working on update. stay turned :wink:

How do I do replacement with regex? I am trying to rename all files like SomeThing_Mat to M_SomeThing but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Hi, What regex pattern are you trying to use?

Hi there. I have updated the MORT to version 3. From now (from UE4.23) MORT uses editor utility widget.
You can find the new documentation here:…usp=drive_open
With editor utility widget MORT is more comfortable to use. Enjoy! :cool:

Hi there!
I have prepared the How to Use MORTv3 PDF file: MORTv3_Documentation.pdf - Google Drive
It is for MORTv3 (UE4.23 and up).
Have a nice projects! :wink:

There’s a couple of things that I’m having trouble with.

  1. It is showing as a utility Blueprint, not a utility blueprint widget, so I can not right-click and run blueprint
  2. I can’t find a way to pin this to the Window menu for easy access. and when I turn off show engine content, it disappears from the blutility shelf

Any suggestions would be welcome!

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Hi, What ue4 version are you using?

Is there a source code in this plugin? I need source for project customization.

yes, source code included

Hi, I get this error message when I have MORT open and save my level file.

Hi, did you change the source code of MORT? What version of ue4 you are using? I could just advice you to try to reinstall the MORT from marketplace and try again.

I just installed it from the Marketplace as-is. I’m using UE 4.24.3.

Ok, got it. Will try to fix this issue and release new version of MORT soon. stay turned


I have sent the fixed version for approval, so it will be released soon.



Please delete current version of MORT and download the fixed recent version from Marketplace (it is available now). Enjoy :wink: