Multi Objects Renaming Tool

Hi there!

I want to introduce you the MORT (Multi Objects Renaming Tool)


Simple and awesome editor improvement that helps you to rename and rearrange your structure in the World Outliner and Content Browser. Just watch the video and you will see how it is cool and easy.


  • Find and replace
  • Find RegEx and replace
  • Numerate
  • Rename and Numerate
  • Prefix
  • Suffix
  • Remove from Start
  • Remove from End
  • To Lower Case
  • To Upper Case

Supported Engine Versions: 5 and 4.12 - 4.27
Platforms Tested: Windows, OSX

Youtube Video



Current version of MORT doesn’t support the Content Browser, but MORT v2 will work with it and will have the “Rename and Numerate” function. So, stay turned (it’s waiting for review) :wink:


Now MORT v2 is live! Enjoy! I will appreciate for your rates!

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If you have some issues, proposals, questions, etc. use this email:
Feel free to contact regarding MORT! :cool:


Hi there!

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Hi There! Now MORT supports UE 4.13! Enjoy!! :cool:


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Guys who downloaded my plugin, hope you are enjoying this plugin. Also I will really appreciate if you rate it at the marketplace :o:
Btw, you can send your proposals\feature requests for the next version to this email:

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Great tool ! (even if the word ‘MORT’ in french means dead :wink: )

Haha, I didn’t know about it! :smiley:

Hi there! MORT is now supporting UE v4.14! Enjoy! :cool:

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Hi there and Happy New Year! :wink:
If someone closed MORT details panel (accidentally) you can get it back by reseting the layout.

In the main editor window:
Window > "Reset layout…"

More info:

Hi there! MORT is now supporting UE v4.15! Hurry up to get it with some % off =)

any update for 4.16 ?

Hi there! New Update! MORT is now supporting UE v4.16! :cool:

Additional Parameters

This tool is fantastic I needed this so badly!

@F1nik I have a suggested update for the plugin.
This would help me, since I keep accidentally renaming assets in my content browser when I primarily just use this tool for renaming level actors.
In my example, swapping the two bools for a custom enum might also be a good idea.

// .h
	UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = Values) bool renameWorldActors;
	UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = Values) bool renameProjectAssets;


// .cpp

	renameWorldActors = true;
	renameProjectAssets = false;

void UMORTBlutility::Setup(EMORTAction action)
	if(renameProjectAssets) OnEachSelectedAsset.AddDynamic(this, &UMORTBlutility::OnEachSelectedAssetDelegate);
	if(renameWorldActors) OnEachSelectedActor.AddDynamic(this, &UMORTBlutility::OnEachSelectedActorDelegate);
	m_action = action;


Got it, will try to make something for next version. Thanks for the feedback and solution!

Hi there!

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Hi there!

I have added feature that BenVlodgi proposed and added other new features asked by other customers :wink:

  • Remove from Start
  • Remove from End
  • To Lower Case
  • To Upper Case
  • MORT is now supporting UE v4.17

Enjoy! :cool: