Multi material slot to one slot


I have imported a model that shows up with a huge amount of identical material slots. Is it possible to merge slots ton one? In my picture i have 5 auto_2 slot but i just one auto_2 so i don´t need to change the material 5 times.

Regards Steel

Hi Steel. I’ve faced the same issue a while ago. The point is you can not change material slots in UE4. Unreal creates multiple material slots when you import different meshes as a combined one. The engine literally puts all your materials out of each mesh and then assignes it to your combined model.

I solved this issue by importing each model individually and placing them manually in the world.

There is a function in Blender (and in other 3D software I believe) which allows you to share materal data with multiple meshes and eventually to set up materials across all your models. But I didn’t try it, don’t know how it works after importing to Unreal.

Wow, so do you mean you can remove some materials in a Reference Viewer?

Hi script_

Thanks for your help.

I had a model of at least 3000 meshes, hundred material slots and I didn’t had the time to work with the model. So my quick fix was to use the “Reference Viewer” to change the materials. Not the best way probably but i worked for me in this project. So i didn’t had to use the “Edit” command.

Regards Steel

Well i can modify the existing material not change it with another. Not the best way but in my case it was enough. The red material in the picture one can change it to another color but it is the same material or you have to rebuild it from scratch. Maybe you could just copy the nodes from another material. As i said quick fix only.