Multi-Level and Baked Lights

Hi! I am working on the game, where I procedurally generate level from different amount of tiles. I learned, that I can not bake static light into blueprint, and then re-use this blueprint along the scene with baked lightmass.

So, I wonder, maybe it is possible for me to bake levels, and then load those levels with some offest along each others at runtime, keeping baked static light data?

Is such workflow supported?

Sorry, I am still new, reading through the manual for the third day, and can not get a clear picture yet.

I believe it is possible to just bake lighting in individual levels, then stream those levels in. But I am certain you need to use level streaming, then use Blueprint to determine when and where to load them. I’m not entirely sure however as to how to place the streamed levels at runtime, instead of in the editor.

I think I found it - its called ’ World Composition’; Probably I’ll need to do tests myself, to find out, if it works with static light info.