Multi GPU support

Hello. I would like to know, are there some improvements in multi gpu support ? I mean with vulkan and dx 12 explicit multiadapter technology, not Sli or crossfire

No, UE4 does not support multi-GPU, it’s something that’s not automatic and still requires implementation. It’s not impossible to do for a game project but you have to implement it specifically for your game. It’s not something they can really put into the editor.

Thank you for your reply. Not so long ago I saw Unreal was using just integrated GPU to boost performance in elemental demo, so why it would be so hard to add this option in engine ?

I’ve never seen them do that, the Elemental demo was originally run off a GTX 680 which was the top graphics card at the time.

Here is a link where they demoed elemental with multi gpu and even with integrated gpu they got almost 5 fps gain and it was two years ago.

If it was possible two years ago, I see no reason why it can’t be added to Unreal editor as an option for people who would like to experiment with this feature, especially with recent updates like Vulkan and dx 12 support.

seems that two of the most important features , never will not be added to unreal engine … SLI and Stereoscopic :\

Well, it’s really bad, cause multiple GPU support is here for ages already. Please, guys, make it possible. I don’t want to change something in engine code myself, If it is complicated to implement even for software engineers at Epic, I guess my implementation of it would be a complete mess. I know that implementing sli or crossfire is hard, but I thought engine would at least take advantage of new explicit multi GPU support on dx 12 .

Epic would have a lot to do, to implement that.

They would need to implement SLI and CF, for DX10,11,12 and Vulkan.

For only a very small target-audience that uses these technologies. (right now)

They better use the time and effort to actually implement vulkan SM5 for desktop-use.

At least some form of multi gpu support on any platform would be better than not having that option at all. Especially when 4k support becomes more popular.

hi i can activate cfX for unreal tournemt its really easy!!!
just go in the game profil in the crimson driver and select AFR compatible D3D.exe and cfX is active! :slight_smile:

so has this been resolved or is it better to use cryengine . obviously the laws of physics mean processors are reaching there limits on the current semiconductor fabric in terms of clock speed and as you can see with CPUs more cores is the answer . you can already see the shameful limitation of unreal in its lack of ability to natively utilize hardware in games like PUBG because of the stance you took in this post. the question is are you going to continue digging a hole until you bury yourself or are you gonna find a way to use more GPU cores because that is what’s coming because physics and math. same goes for 144hz

We need this support for Virtual Realty !!!

Hello, I just want to add another reason for better support for multiple GPUs.
Outside of VR is also pixelstreaming. Maybe I have not yet found the right information, but it looks like when I run multiple instances of the application on the server, all run on a single GPU.
First I expected the win / driver to distribute the load evenly, but it did not happen. :frowning:

I am interested in Unreal for animated short films where frames would be output to an image sequence. In this case, it would be very beneficial to render using multiple GPUs.

This forum is for Unreal Engine, not Unity

Duly noted and corrected :slight_smile: