Multi gpu named unlinked GPU

in this article…e-performance/
the integrated gpu is add for additional power
i have 2 card a 1060 and a 1050 ti and no integrated gpu it serve me for point cloud to go faster but seeing the article I saw that realizable with dx12 so I try to see a change in 4.22 that can render in dx12 but I do not notice change is there an option has activated ?

The DX12 multi-GPU feature has to be set up specifically in every program that would use it, and UE4 does not use it. In fact, I don’t know of any game that does

yet the demo in the article is with unreal engine

Again, it’s something that has to be set up for each game individually, it’s not just a feature that can be toggled on, there has to be some work done with the game to support it. And especially for something like a game development tool like the UE4 editor since it can do such a wide variety of things it would be much more difficult to add support.