Multi camera setup advice

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone can give advice on this multi screen & multi camera setup?

We have 3 screens side-by-side horizontally, and Windows set up to see them all as a single 5880x1080 screen, so if you maximise a UE4 PIE window it will maximise across all 3 screens (any window will for that matter).

This is for running VR experiments on, the idea is that someone will sit facing the center screen with the left and right screens tilted inwards at 60 degrees, so they have a 180 degree field of vision effectively. You cannot just set the UE4 camera to have a 180 degree FOV (or close to it) as that causes distortions, so really each screen needs to have its own camera shooting a 60 degree FOV image to give the 180 total. I can do the left and right 1960x1080 “chunks” of the overall 5880x1080 window just fine by using right/left tilted Scene Capture components which “UI” their rendertargets out to the left and right parts of the overall image, but I don’t seem to be able to confine the UE4 camera to just the middle 1960x1080 “chunk”.

Things I’ve tried or thought of:

1, Have another scene capture component for the middle chunk.
Problem - While this works & does what we want, it still leaves the default camera rendering the whole 5880x1080 uselessly in the background as it were, destroying performance.
This is based on first person template, I tried getting rid of the camera from the character .h/.cpp files and expected just a black screen without my Scene Captures but the character still seems to be getting a camera from somewhere which insists on filling the whole 5880x1080, only to be uselessly overlaid by the 3 scene capture images.

2, Do it as a 3 player split screen, with player 1 the middle image and players 2&3 the left and right portions (players 2&3 would be tilted L/R with respect to, and follow, player 1 in this case).
Problem - Can’t do a 3 player side-by-side vertical split.

Is there anything obvious I’m missing?
Can I confine the default camera the the middle bit of the image? or get rid of it and have only my Scene Capture Components rendering?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

Hope this plugin can help you.
MultiWindows4UE4”: UE4MarketplaceSubmission_Public / MultiWindows4UE4_Public · GitLab