Multi-Box Trace

Hi all

I’m trying to get a multibox trace to work, however all the examples/tutorials I’ve seen deal with the RTS style drag box.

I’m trying to use the cursor, get the start location and the end location and create a box between the 2, however the half size doesn’t seem to work correctly. If the end point moves from the start point it just moves the box around.

Here is an example (edited in paintbrush) of what I’m trying to achieve. Assuming its even possible.


Now I assume, I get the end point minus the start point and divide by 2, which is the center, then I have no idea.

I end up having multiply boxes all over the shop which don’t even seem to follow the information input into the nodes.

I need to have it based on the world location rather than a hud element because the box needs to follow a grid, but I’ve tried following everything and no luck. Why do I need to give a half size information for the box, can’t it work out the size and points of the box based on start and end points? Just trying to understand exactly what happens when you feed in the information. And what does line segment actually mean, I assume it means the line between 2 points but I’m just assuming that is the case.

Never mind, me being daft, it all works fine if the start and end location are only used for the finding the center/half size.

You use the center vector as the start and end points when doing the trace