MSAA Mobile Bugs

Hey there. I found a mistake if, in a mobile render (ES Preview), activate the Mobile MSAA, restart the project, re-enable the ES Preview - decals not visible, the cascade shadows do not work, and so on.

Also with this package is the problem, flares go right through the objects (When mobile MSAA is enabled).

Video bug (Mobile MSAA active):

Hi Johann,

I was able to reproduce the decal issue, While testing I confirmed that the shadow cascades were still active the only difference was a bit lower quality however this was consistent with or without MSAA so you may need to elaborate on what you mean about shadow cascades not working.

That being said I put in a ticket here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-43359)

Regarding the lens flair, there is a lot of custom work being done on those materials and the broken functionality may be related to the same underlying issue here so I think the bug that is currently entered shall suffice.

Let me know if you have any additional concerns/questions.


Hello Ed,

I talked about this:

They also do not work when the Mobile MSAA is on.

I apologize if I wasn’t being clear. I tested cascaded shadow maps and verified that they were working on my end even after enabling MSAA.

I tested this by setting “Num Dynamic Shadow Cascades” to 2, the “Distribution Exponent” to 10, and “Transition Fraction” to 0.

What this does is put a hard transition between two shadow maps very close to the camera. This makes it very obvious if shadow cascades aren’t working. If you watch this video you can see the hard transition between shadow maps on the edge of the shadow.

What I wanted to know is how you are determining that shadow cascades aren’t working. What is the test that you are running?

Sorry, everything works fine. The problem remains only with decals and that pack from the marketplace.