MSAA doesn't affect edges of masked materials?

This was mentioned in the ‘Test the forward renderer’ sticky thread - MSAA looks great at geometric edges, but doesn’t appear to take into account the alpha of masked materials.

This was with a preview version - but I’ve just done a test with the 4.14.0 release, and it still appears to be the case in the final version.

I’ve also seen some threads that suggest ‘MSAA is not good for foliage’, presumably for this reason (foliage being almost impossible to create without extensive use of masked materials).

Is this an intrinsic limitation of MSAA?

Yes, that’s due to how MSAA works in all game engines. It has never affected masked textures nor translucent textures.

MSAA only affect for geometry edges. What we need is alpha to coverage.

Alpha to coverage didn’t make it in time for 4.14 unfortunately. It was developed in a different branch and didn’t get merged in time. It will be in 4.15.

How about alpha to coverage for mobileMSAA on Metal? We are really waiting for this.

Thanks for the information, everyone - very helpful.