MRQ Rendering Black Frames

When I render with movie render queue, output as PNG: the frames render black.

  • The render preview shows the scene as it should be (however, pngs in output folder are black)
  • It has the correct camera cut all the way
  • neither the post-process volume or the camera have anything altering the exposure
  • it plays perfectly when I press play
  • it does render as it should via sequencer but not through movie render queue
  • The sequence and map are both set to what they should be

My MRQ settings are very simple, exporting .png and .wav audio… that’s it.

Has anyone else come across this before and has any solutions?

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Any ideas?

Hi. Did you get a solution for this? Seems to be happening to a few people even now.

no i had to use sequencer in the end

Its also hapenning to me. I tried to turn of and reset all lightning settings , reviwed the sequencer and nothing, all black

Hello ,I find that the output PNG Alpha channel is All Zero. Did you get a solution?